Wesak: A Compilation


Partial compilation on ‘Wesak, The May Full Moon’ as extracted from the writings of Master Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey.



There is an increasing emphasis being given in the West by esotericists to the Full Moon of May, which is the Festival of the Buddha and is held at the time when He makes His annual contact with humanity. This emphasis, which will continue to increase for years to come, has not been brought about in order to impose recognition of the Buddha upon the Occident. There have been two main reasons why, since 1900, this effort has been made. One was the desire on the part of the Hierarchy to bring to the attention of the public the fact of the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ, both upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom, Who were the first of our humanity to come forth as human-divine Avatars and to embody in Themselves certain cosmic Principles and give them form. The Buddha embodied the Principle of Light, and because of this illumination, humanity was enabled to recognize Christ, Who embodied the still greater Principle of Love. The point to be borne in mind is that light is substance, and the Buddha demonstrated the consummation of substance-matter as the medium of Light, hence His title of the “Illumined One.” Christ embodied the underlying energy of Consciousness. The one demonstrated the height of the attainment of the third divine aspect; the other that of the second aspect, and these two together present one perfect Whole. The second reason was to initiate, as I have earlier said, the theme of the new world religion. This theme will eventually underlie all religious observances, color all approaches to the divine center of spiritual life, give the clue to all healing processes, and – using light scientifically – govern all techniques for bringing about conscious unity and relationship between a man and his soul, and between humanity and the Hierarchy of Masters.

The first objective has been definitely reached. Today, at the Full Moon of May, many millions everywhere will be turning their thoughts towards the Buddha, seeking to come under His influence and blessing and that of the Hierarchy at His annual, though brief, return to bless humanity. This recognition will grow until the time in the not too distant future when His term of service will be over and He will return no more, because the coming Avatar will take His place in the minds and thoughts of the peoples of the world. His task of reminding aspirants continuously of the possibility of illumination, and His work of keeping a channel open for the light to irradiate men’s minds by piercing annually through light substance to the Earth is nearly completed, the time has nearly come when “in that light we shall see Light.”

Source: The Externalization of the Hierarchy



The period of the Wesak Festival on the inner planes in 1936 and 1937 was extended to cover five days, – two preceding the Festival itself, and two succeeding the Festival. The Wesak hour is of momentous import. The two days of preparation are to be known as “days of renunciation and detachment”. The day of the Festival is to be known as the “day of safe guarding” whilst the two succeeding days are called the “days of distribution”. These words mean something different to the Hierarchy of Masters than they do to us and it is fruitless (as well as forbidden) to elucidate them in their deepest meaning. They mean, however, five days of a most intensive effort in service, leading to the renunciation of all which could hinder our usefulness as channels of spiritual force. It means that after due preparation, dedication and upward striving for the first two days, on the day of the Festival itself we simply regard ourselves as the recipients of, or the custodians of, as much of that inflowing spiritual force as we can possibly hold. As channels, we must be prepared to forget ourselves in the service of touching, containing and holding force for the rest of humanity. We must regard the Festival itself as a day of silence (I refer to an inner peace and silent solemnity that can be preserved unbroken though the outer man may be serving with his speech and spoken interest), a day of service carried forward entirely on esoteric levels, and of complete self-forgetfulness in the remembrance of humanity and its need. During that period, two thoughts only will hold our constant attention, – the need of our fellow humans and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be poured through the body of humanity under the expert guidance of the chosen members of the Hierarchy.

Remember, no matter who we are or where we may be placed or what is the nature of our environment, no matter how isolated we may feel or apart from those who may share our spiritual vision, each of us can that day and for the period immediately following and preceding it, work and think and act in group formation, and function as a silent distributor of force.

For two days prior to the full moon, we will hold the attitude of dedication and service and seek to assume that attitude of receptivity to that which our soul will impart which will make us of use to the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy of Masters works through groups of souls, and the potency of this group work is to be tested out. These groups in their turn contact and feed the waiting dedicated attentive personalities. On the day of the full moon, we attempt to hold ourselves steadily in the light. We will not formulate to ourselves what will happen nor will we look for results or for tangible effects.

On the two succeeding days, the focus of our attention will be steadily turned away from ourselves but also from the inner subjective planes to the outer world, and our efforts will be to pass on, or to pass through, that measure of spiritual energy that may have been contacted. Our work then in this particular and peculiar field of cooperation will then be ended.

This effort of the Hierarchy is a five days effort, preceded by a most intensive period of preparation. The work of getting ready for the opportunity starts for the Hierarchy exactly at the hour when “the sun began to move northward.” But They tire not as do human beings and it is not possible for the human aspirant to keep up so long a period of preparation, no matter how deep his devotion.

When the Great Lord was on Earth, He told His disciples that successful spiritual effort of a healing nature went not forth except by prayer and fasting. Will you ponder on these words? This is a group effort towards a vast group healing and by prayer (sanctified desire, illumined thought and intense aspirational longing) and by the discipline of the physical body for a short period and for a definite objective, the work can be done.

Source: Esoteric Psychology Vol II



April-May 1946

This year, at the great Festival in the Himalayas at which the Buddha will appear as usual, He has let it be known that His main duty is to bring the initial inflow of the threefold energy which the Invocation invokes and will continue to invoke for many decades. From the Mind of God, Light will flow through Him to the waiting world of men and women – that human center whose eternal mission is to bring light to all created lives. From the Heart of God, He will bring to the Hierarchy of Masters, via the Christ, that deep unending inflow of Love which will make it possible for the Hierarchy to perform its hard task and externalize itself. It is not possible for human beings to realize the sacrifice and the hardship which this emergence will entail, and only a vast inflow of divine love can make it possible.

An effort also will be made to relate Shamballa, “the Center where the Will of God is known,” directly to the new group of world servers, via those Ashrams which are working along the lines of outer, practical goodwill. The reception of this energizing will-to-good should produce a definite “stepping-up” or increase of goodwill and enable the Goodwill movement to proceed with greater momentum this coming autumn and winter; it will take the entire summer for the needed assimilation by those engineering this movement all over the world.

The absorption of the Love which flows from the Heart of God to the Hierarchy of Masters will necessarily have widespread effects; however, one of the most immediate will affect the Triangles and increase the potency of the network of light and of goodwill, already in existence. You can see, therefore, from all the above, how much closer the Buddha is coming this year to humanity. He now finds it possible to permit human beings to know His specific objective; this has never before been the case. It is the result of war and the efforts of the Hierarchy of Masters to bring out in the human being certain ennobling qualities and spiritual reactions which the stress of war could evoke. This year will mark a unique and peculiar opportunity, based on the fact that there has not yet been time for people to slip back into the old ways of thinking or for the setting up of any reactionary structures. This may not be the case next year and therefore it would be wise to take as full advantage as possible of the coming Festivals. Those who have faith and vision are asked to link up (imaginatively, because anything else would scarcely be possible) with the Buddha, then offer themselves as channels for the spiritual potencies which He will bring.

Source: The Externalization of the Hierarchy



The Month of May is one of deepest significance to all who are affiliated with the Great White Lodge (as are all true esotericists) in that the Wesak Festival takes place and is of moment and deep import. The period is always one of prime interest and rare opportunity, but the Wesak Festival of 1936 was unique and the Lodge of Masters prepared for it for six months. May I add also that the Buddha Himself in His high place and the blessed Lord Maitreya (known to Christian disciples as The Christ) have since then been in close communication with each other and cooperating in order to bring about a receptivity on the part of the human family to a possible outflow of spiritual force which may serve to turn the tide of the present distress, depression and uncertainty and thus inaugurate an era of peace and of soul-culture. This item of information is of interest, is it not?

In connection with these Festivals every May, I am presenting you an opportunity to serve and to bring about the desired objective of peace. It is possible for us, each of us, – in our small measure to cooperate in the intended Plan, and therefore what I have to say takes on another aspect and lays the responsibility of materializing that Plan upon the Earth upon the shoulders of each and all of us. The work has been brought about through an intensive effort in two directions, – one the effort of the Hierarchy to impress that Plan upon the minds of men and women and to convey the needed power and understanding to effect the intended work, and secondly the effort of all disciples and aspirants to respond and bring through into manifestation that which is waiting on the subjective side of life. How, therefore, is that work at this time going forward?

This planet of ours, the Earth, is at this time the focal point of much attention on the part of the Administrators of the Plan Who today are working in conjunction with certain types of force and with certain Spiritual Entities other than those to be found at this time within the ring-pass-not of our planetary life. May I give here one hint without proceeding to elaboration? This hint can be accepted or rejected according to the intuition of the individual student.

The Buddha has a special function at this time as an interplanetary mediator, and in this capacity (at the coming May Festivals) He will attempt to bring certain Spiritual Beings into touch with our Earth Hierarchy. They have expressed Themselves as willing to aid in the present crisis. That aid, if the effort prove successful, will come in the form of a much increased spiritual inflow of energy of a kind more potent and of a quality somewhat different to any at this time pouring into and through our planetary life. Those aspirants and disciples who can train themselves to the realization of an increased spiritual responsibility and can preserve an inner quietness and a focused esoteric attentiveness can be swept into this tide of spiritual force and can then and thus serve humanity’s need. As transmitters they meet that need; as interpreters they increase the capacity of the human being to respond and to understand.

In order to effect this transmission of force, a peculiar interchange of ideas and of cooperation is going on between the Lord Buddha and the Lord Maitreya, and They are subjecting Themselves to a most definite form of training in order to present to these interested Spiritual Beings Who are seeking to help the planet, more adequate channels of service. Three Masters from each of the seven ray groups of Masters are in Their turn attempting a closer cooperation with the Great Lords in preparation for the opportunity to be presented. These twenty-three spiritual forces are banded together to act as a group channel of service on the day of the Wesak Festival and particularly at the hour of the full moon.

A call has been sent out to the entire Hierarchy of Masters to prepare Themselves for an intensive “Holy Month” of accelerated service, and all of the Masters on the Seven Rays – no matter what Their departmental work may at this time be – are getting into immediate cooperation and close contact with the three Masters on Their particular Ray who are acting as the ray intermediaries. The service is new and peculiar and as to its particular nature there is no need for me to explain as I should not be understood.

In Their turn, the Hierarchy of Masters is calling to all working initiates and disciples and to all aspirants of mental focus to cooperate as fully as they can in an intensive effort to increase the receptivity of humanity to the new forces which can be released to perform their benevolent synthesizing work during the month of May.

Source: Esoteric Psychology Vol II


The Wesak Festival has been held down the centuries in the well-known valley in the Himalayas (if the faithful would only believe it) in order:

1. To substantiate the fact of Christ’s physical existence among us ever since His so-called departure.

2. To prove (on the physical plane) the factual solidarity of the Eastern and Western approaches to God. Both the Christ and the Buddha are present.

3. To form a rallying-point and a meeting-place for those who annually – in synthesis and symbolically – link up and represent the Father’s House, the Kingdom of God and Humanity.

4. To demonstrate the nature of the work of Christ as the great and chosen Intermediary, standing as the Representative of the Spiritual Hierarchy and as the Leader of the New Group of World Servers. In His Person, He voices their demand for the recognition of the factual existence of the Kingdom of God here and now.

Perhaps one of the major messages for all of us who read these words is this great truth and fact of the physical Presence on Earth at this time of the Christ, of His group of disciples and executives, of Their representative activities on behalf of mankind and of Their close relationship. This relationship comes out at certain of the great spiritual festivals where the relationship demonstrated includes not only the Kingdom of God but also the Father and the Father’s Home. There is the Festival of Easter, the Festival of the Buddha Who in physical Presence expresses the spiritual solidarity of our planet, and the Festival in June, peculiarly the Festival of the Christ, when He – as leader of the New Group of World Servers – employs the new Invocation on behalf of all men of goodwill in all lands; at the same time, He gathers up the inchoate and unexpressed demands of those masses who seek a new and better way of life. They want love in daily living, right human relations and an understanding of the underlying Plan.

Source: The Reappearance of the Christ



“Make a most definite effort during these two days to step up your consciousness a little higher at each of the three spiritual points in each day: at the early morning meditation, at the noonday recollection, and at the sunset hour of contact. This means – if you follow instructions correctly – that you subject your subtle bodies to six equal points of spiritual stimulation and that you do it consciously. Then at some hour in the day of the full moon, but prior to the exact hour if that hour is not possible, follow the procedure outlined below:

1. Center the consciousness in the head.

2. Imagine yourself as retreating even more consciously within towards that point of contact where personality soul and the teacher in the world of souls can meet and become as one.

3. Then hold yourself as poised and steady as possible, preserving that detached poise as fully as may be during the following process which is carried forward silently by the creative activity of the imagination.

a. Imagine or visualize yourself as standing before a golden or ivory door.

b. See that door slowly open, revealing a long low room with three windows – one looking east, one looking west and one looking north. Seated before the eastern window on a low carved chair (but looking towards you, and therefore sitting with his back to the window) you may visualize your Tibetan brother, in deep meditation, seeking to contact you and all for whom he is, as a teacher, responsible.

c. Then picture yourself as advancing slowly up the long room (which is his study and work room) and then standing before him. See also your group brothers standing with you. Then each of you can constitute himself, in imagination, as spokesman for his group and offer the group in service and deep consecration to the service of the Plan.

d. When you have accomplished this, imagine that you see me rising from my chair. Then as a group we face the East and say together the Great Invocation. Endeavour consciously to follow my lead as we say the words, and listen with care, using the imagination. This will involve intense concentration.

Do this until the time of the full moon of May, for it is a preparatory exercise in order to train you all in esoteric participation.”

Source: Discipleship in the New Age II


The two Full Moons of May and June present to you a new opportunity to participate in the release of the planetary Life from the thralldom of the Forces of Materialism. If you are to do your share in this work of salvage, it will necessitate certain attitudes and activities on your part which I would like briefly to touch upon, leaving you to take right and appropriate action and to follow, with all other disciples and aspirants, the indicated stages:

1. Study with care and answer with sincerity and to your own complete satisfaction the questions I put to you earlier in this communication. When you have done this, you will know where you personally stand.

2. For the entire week prior to the May Full Moon and the June Full Moon endeavor to do the following things:

a. Link up with all disciples, aspirants and men and women of goodwill throughout the world and in all nations, using the creative imagination.

b. Eliminate out of your consciousness all negativity, seeing yourself clearly as ranged on the side of the Forces of Light; you are, therefore, not neutral in thought. See to it also that when taking right action in the conflict against the forces of materialism you preserve ever a spirit of love for all individuals who have been swept into the vortex of their potency.

c. When meditating and invoking the Forces of Light, endeavor to forget entirely all your own personal difficulties, tragedies and problems. Disciples have to learn to carry forward their work for humanity in spite of personality stresses, strains and limitations.

d. Prepare yourselves thus for the work of the two Full Moons, keeping your objective clearly in mind and submitting yourselves to an adequate temporary discipline.

3. For the two days prior to the Full Moon, on the day of the Full Moon itself, and for the two succeeding days (five days) endeavor at sunrise, at noon, at five o’clock P.M., and at sunset, plus the exact time of the Full Moon in your own land, to say the Great Invocation with the intent to invoke, precipitate and anchor in outer manifestation the waiting Potencies. Do this aloud when possible, and in group formation whenever feasible. It is the focused power of your unemotional thought which will bridge the present existing gap and link more closely the two worlds of spiritual activity and of human demonstration.

4. Repeat this activity for three days each and every month – the day prior to the Full Moon, the day of the Full Moon, and the succeeding day. As a preliminary exercise to these three days, you could take an earlier three days of preparation, and thus increase the effectiveness of your effort.

Source: The Externalization of the Hierarchy



We must regard the Wesak Festival itself as a day of silence (I refer to an inner peace and silent solemnity that can be preserved unbroken though the outer man may be serving with his speech and spoken interest), a day of service carried forward entirely on esoteric levels, and of complete self-forgetfulness in the remembrance of humanity and its need. During that period, two thoughts only will hold our constant attention, – the need of our fellow men and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be poured through the body of humanity under the expert guidance of the chosen members of the Hierarchy of Masters.

Remember, no matter who we are or where we may be placed or what is the nature of our environment, no matter how isolated we may feel or apart from those who may share our spiritual vision, each of us can that day and for the period immediately following and preceding it, work and think and act in group formation, and function as a silent distributor of force.

Source: Esoteric Psychology Vol II

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