Meditation and the Sacred Word

Man, when meditating, aims at two things:

  1. At the formation of thoughts, at the bringing down to the concrete levels of the mental plane, of abstract ideas and intuitions. This is what might be termed meditation with seed.
  2. At the aligning of the ego, and at the creation of that vacuum betwixt the physical brain and the Ego, which results in the divine outpouring, and the consequent shattering of the forms and subsequent liberation. This might be termed meditation without seed.

At a certain period in evolution the two blend, the seed is dropped and the vacuum is then created, not so much between the higher and the lower vehicles as between them and the intuitional plane or the plane of harmony.

Therefore, in the sounding of the Sacred Word in meditation man should (if rightly sounding it forth) be able to do both the creative work and the destructive work as does the Logos. It will be the reflection in the microcosm of the cosmic process. He will attract to his bodies matter of the finer kind and cast out that which is coarser. He will formulate thought-forms that attract to themselves finer matter and repudiate that which is of a lower vibration. He should so sound the Word that alignment will be automatically made, and the necessary vacuum created, eventuating in a downflow from above. All these effects can transpire when the Word is correctly intoned, and each meditation should see the man more aligned, should disperse some of the matter of low vibration in one or other of his bodies, should open up the channel to a greater extent, and so provide a more adequate vehicle for the illumination from higher levels.

But – until correctness is possible – the effect produced by the use of the Word is very little, which is fortunate for the man who uses it. In the studying of the seven great Breaths and their effect on each plane, a man can find out much that should transpire on the different subplanes of each plane, especially in relation to his own development. In the studying of the basic note of the solar system (which was stabilized in System 1), much can be found out about the use of the Word on the physical plane. A hint lies here for consideration. In the endeavor to find the note for this solar system, the note of love and wisdom, the student will make the necessary communication between the emotional or desire plane and the intuitional plane, and find out the secret of the emotional plane. In the study of the Word on mental levels and its effect in form building, the key to the erection of Solomon’s Temple will be discovered, and the pupil will develop the faculties of the causal body, and eventually find liberation from the three worlds.

The student must remember, nevertheless, that he has first to find his personality note, and then the egoic, before be can touch the monadic chord. When he has done that he has, for himself, sounded his own threefold Word, and is now an intelligent creator animated by love. The goal is reached.

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