Harmlessness: A Compilation

Esoteric understanding of the word ‘harmlessness’ as applied in the writings of Djwhal Khul and Alice Bailey.


Harmlessness is the expression of the life of the man who realizes himself to be everywhere, who lives consciously as a soul, whose nature is love, whose method is inclusiveness, and to whom all forms are alike in that they veil and hide the light, and are but externalizations of the one Infinite Being.
Source: A Treatise on White Magic



The True Server will be distinguished, as might be expected, by the quality of harmlessness, and by an active refraining from those acts and that speech which might hurt or cause any misunderstanding. By no word, suggestion, implication, innuendo or voiced dissatisfaction will he hurt his group. You will note that I do not say “will not hurt any individual.” Those working under the Law of Service need no reminder not to hurt any individual. They often need, under the exuberance of spiritual stimulation and the intensity of their aspiration, to be reminded to demonstrate group harmlessness.
Source: Esoteric Psychology II



Let the “Forces of Light” flow through, and the ranks of the world servers will be rapidly filled. Let the “Spirit of Peace” use the lower nature as an instrument, and there will be peace and harmony within the personal field of service. Let the “Spirit of Good Will” dominate our minds and there will be no room for the spirit of criticism and the spreading of destructive discussion. It is for this reason and in order to develop a group of servers who can work along true and spiritual lines, that there must be increasing emphasis upon the need for Harmlessness.  Harmlessness prepares the way for the inflow of life; harmlessness dissipates the obstructions to the free outpouring of love; harmlessnes is the key to the release of the lower nature from the grip of the world illusion and from the power of phenomenal existence.
Source: Esoteric Psychology II



The practice of harmlessness is the best and easiest way for the aspirant to work. There is then nothing in him which is inimical to any life in any form, and he therefore attracts to himself only that which is beneficent. He uses the beneficent forces thus attracted for the helping of other beings. This has to be the first step, and the discipline it entails and the constant supervision of all the activities on the three planes of human evolution and of all reactions bring the emotional body under the dominance of the illumined mind. They also bring about the understanding of one’s fellow men.There is secondly, a later stage wherein the disciple learns to absorb and transmute the wrong vibrations and the energies which are destructive. He has no shells nor barriers. He does not insulate himself nor isolate himself from his brothers. Through harmlessness he has learnt to neutralize all evil emanations. Now he acts with a positiveness of a new kind. Definitely and with full awareness of what he is doing, he gathers into himself all the evil emanations (destructive energies, and wrong forces) and he breaks them up into their component parts and returns them whence they came, neutralized, impotent and harmless, yet intact in nature. You say that this is a hard teaching and conveys but little to the average aspirant? Such is ever the way in esoteric teaching, but those who know will understand and for them I speak.

Another method is still more advanced and is utilized by the initiate. Through a knowledge of the law and of certain Words of Power he can command the energies to reverse themselves and to return to their originating center. But with this method we have nothing to do. There must as yet be much practice in harmlessness and a close watch kept upon its application in the daily life.

The right direction of astral energy can be summed up in its three aspects from the ancient Book of Rules, given to chelas of the entering degrees. All true esoteric schools begin with the control of the astral body, and the chela had to memorize and practice these three rules after he had made some real growth in the manifestation of harmlessness.

  • Rule I. Enter thy brother’s heart and see his woe. Then speak. Let the words spoken convey to him the potent force he needs to loose his chains. Yet loose them not thyself. Thine is the work to speak with understanding. The force received by him will aid him in his work.
  • Rule II. Enter thy brother’s mind and read his thoughts, but only when thy thoughts are pure. Then think. Let the thoughts thus created enter thy brother’s mind and blend with his. Yet keep detached thyself, for none have the right to sway a brother’s mind. The only right there is, will make him say: “He loves. He standeth by. He knows. He thinks with me and I am strong to do the right.” Learn thus to speak. Learn thus to think.
  • Rule III. Blend with thy brother’s soul and know him as he is. Only upon the plane of soul can this be done. Elsewhere the blending feeds the fuel of his lower life. Then focus on the plan. Thus will he see the part that he and you and all men play. Thus will he enter into life and know the work accomplished.
Source: A Treatise on White Magic


Control of our relations to others, summed up under the word harmlessness which is defined in the East by the Five Commandments. These are: Harmlessness, truth to all beings, abstention from theft, from incontinence and from avarice.
Source: The Soul and its Mechanism



Law IX
Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good, is harmlessness. This is not negativity, but perfect poise, a completed point of view, and divine understanding.

This law is profoundly simple and means exactly what it says. It can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. It concerns the spiritual development of man through the medium of form, and the mode or law whereby the latent hold of matter – impregnated by selfishness and by all that is recognized as evil – is removed, and man stands free.
  2. It can also be interpreted in terms of healer and patient. Oft the effect of the activity and knowledge of the true healer is to bring to the surface (in an acute form) the evil (disease) within the form. The result of this can either be the elimination of the disease and the securing of health, or the form will succumb to the increase of the difficulty and the probability is that the patient will die. It is therefore fortunate that the average healer is so futile that such a dire possibility is not present!

The method employed under the Law of Perfection is called “perfect harmlessness,” and that was ever the method used by the Christ, the Perfect One. It is not the harmlessness enjoined so often by me as I speak to aspirants, but a harmlessness imposed by the spiritual man and by his natural destiny. It is an ignoring of the effect or the result upon the form nature. Frequently I have told you that the Hierarchy works only with the spiritual nature or with the soul of humanity, and that – to the Master – the form is regarded as relatively of no importance.
Source: Esoteric Healing



How shall a man guard himself from these dangers? How shall he rightly build? How shall he preserve that balance which will enable him to see truly, judge rightly, and so preserve his mental contact with his soul and with the souls of his fellow men?

First and foremost, by the constant practice of Harmlessness. This involves harmlessness in speech and also in thought and consequently in action. It is a positive harmlessness, involving constant activity and watchfulness; it is not a negative and fluidic tolerance.
Source: A Treatise on White Magic



A close study of one’s emotional reactions brings one to the consideration of that basic characteristic which cannot be over-emphasized in view of the world’s present condition. Harmlessness. I tell you that the achieving of harmlessness in the positive sense (not in the negative) means the attainment of that step which leads definitely to the Portal of Initiation. When first mentioned, it sounds of small moment, and to bring the whole subject of initiation into such small account that it becomes unimportant. But let him who so thinks practice that positive harmlessness which works out in right thought (because based on intelligent love), right speech (because governed by self-control), and right action (because founded on an understanding of the Law), and he will find that the attempt will call forth all the resources of his being and take much time to achieve. It is not the harmlessness that comes from weakness and sentimental loving disposition, which dislikes trouble because it upsets the settled harmony of life and leads to consequent discomfort. It is not the harmlessness of the little evolved negative impotent man or woman, who has not the power to hurt because possessing so little equipment wherewith damage can be done.

It is the harmlessness that springs from true understanding and control of the personality by the soul, that leads inevitably to spiritual expression in everyday life. It emanates from a capacity to enter into the consciousness and to penetrate into the realization of one’s brother, and when this has been accomplished – all is forgiven and all is lost sight of in the desire to aid and to help.
Source: A Treatise on White Magic



What shall I say concerning harmlessness? It is not easy for me to show or prove to you the effectiveness of the higher aspect, spiral or phase ofharmlessness as employed by the Hierarchy, under the direction of the Perfect One, the Christ. The harmlessness with which I have earlier dealt has relation to the imperfections with which humanity is wrestling, and is difficult for you to apply in and under all circumstances, as well you know. The harmlessness to which I refer in connection with you is not negative, or sweet or kindly activity, as so many believe; it is a state of mind and one which in no way negates firm or even drastic action; it concerns motive and involves the determination that the motive behind all activity is goodwill. That motive might lead to positive and sometimes disagreeable action or speech, but as harmlessness and goodwill condition the mental approach, nothing can eventuate but good.

On a higher turn of the spiral, the Hierarchy also employs harmlessness, but it is related to the will-to-good and involves the use of dynamic, electric energy under intuitive direction; this type of energy is never brought into activity by man; it is energy which he cannot yet handle. This type of harmlessness is based on complete self-sacrifice, wherein the will-to-sacrifice, the will-to-good and the will-to-power (three phases of the will aspect, as expressed through the Spiritual Triad) are all fused into one dynamic energy of a deeply spiritual nature. This energy is the epitome of complete or perfect harmlessness, where humanity and the subsidiary kingdoms in nature are concerned, but it is expulsive in its effect and dynamic in its annihilating impact, where the Forces of Evil are concerned.

A close but esoteric study of the three temptations of the Christ will reveal three major occasions when the Perfect One, expressing this higher harmlessness, forced the exponent of evil to retreat. This triple episode is symbolically related, but is factual in nature. Little thought has ever been given to what would have been the worldwide effect down the centuries if the Christ had not reacted as He did; speculation is of little use, but it might be stated that the entire course of history and of the evolutionary progress of humanity would have been altered, and in a dire and awful manner. But the dynamic harmlessness, the expression of the will-to-good and the demonstration of the will-to-power (forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most important crisis in the life of the Christ.
Source: Esoteric Healing



May I speak a word here so as to make this consummation a practical goal in your life? Harmful magnetic conditions, as the result of man’s wrong handling of force are the causes of evil in the world around us, including the three subhuman kingdoms. How can we, as individuals, change this? By the development in ourselves of Harmlessness. Therefore, study yourself from this angle. Study your daily conduct and words and thoughts so as to make them utterly harmless. Set yourself to think those thoughts about yourself and others which will be constructive and positive, and hence harmless in their effects. Study your emotional effect on others so that by no mood, no depression, and no emotional reaction can you harm a fellowman. Remember in this connection, violent spiritual aspiration and enthusiasm, misplaced or misdirected, may quite easily harm a fellowman, so look not only at your wrong tendencies but at the use of your virtues.

If harmlessness is the keynote of your life, you will do more to produce right harmonious conditions in your personality than any amount of discipline along other lines. The drastic purgation brought about by the attempt to be harmless will go far to eliminate wrong states of consciousness. See to it therefore, and bring this idea in your evening review.

I would like to urge each one who reads these pages to make a fresh beginning in spiritual living. I would say to him, forget all past achievements, realize fervor, and concentrate upon the Plan.

By this time some progress in group realization has surely been made, and less interest in the separated self has been gained. More faith in the Good Law which guides all creation to ultimate perfection has been visioned without doubt, and, through this vision, has come the capacity to take one’s eyes off the affairs of individual experience, and fasten them on the working out of the purpose for the whole. This is the objective and the goal. Breadth of vision, inclusiveness of understanding and a widened horizon are the preliminary essentials to all work under the guidance of the hierarchy of adepts; the stabilizing of the consciousness in the one life, and the recognition of the basic unity of all creation has to be somewhat developed before any one can be trusted with certain knowledges and Words of Power and the manipulation of those forces which bring the subjective reality into outer manifestation.

Therefore, I say to you at this time, I – an older and perhaps more experienced disciple and worker in the great vineyard of the Lord – practice harmlessnesswith zest and understanding, for it is (if truly carried out) the destroyer of all limitation. Harmfulness is based on selfishness, and on an egocentric attitude. It is the demonstration of forces concentrated for self-enforcement, self-aggrandizement, and self-gratification. Harmlessness is the expression of the life of the man who realizes himself to be everywhere, who lives consciously as a soul, whose nature is love, whose method is inclusiveness, and to whom all forms are alike in that they veil and hide the light, and are but externalizations of the one Infinite Being. This realization, let me remind you, will demonstrate in a true comprehension of a brother’s need, divorced from sentiment and expediency. It will lead to that silence of the tongue which grows out of non-reference to the separate self. It will produce that instantaneous response to true need which characterizes the Great Ones who (passing beneath the outer appearance) see the inner cause which produces the conditions noted in the outer life, and so, from that point of wisdom, true help and guidance can be given. Harmlessness brings about in the life caution in judgment, reticence in speech, ability to refrain from impulsive action, and the demonstration of a non-critical spirit. So, free passage can be given to the forces of true love, and to those spiritual energies which seem to vitalize the personality, leading consequently to right action. 


Let harmlessness, therefore, be the keynote of your life. An evening review should be carried forward entirely along this line; divide the review work in three parts and consider:

  1. Harmlessness in thought. This will primarily result in the control of speech.
  2. Harmlessness in emotional reaction. This will result in being a channel for the love aspect of the soul.
  3. Harmlessness in act. This will produce poise, skill in action and the release of the creative will.

These three approaches to the subject should be studied from their effects upon one’s own self and development, and from their effect upon those whom one contacts and upon one’s environing associates.
Source: A Treatise on White Magic



The second basic postulate was enunciated for us by Christ when he told us to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” To this we have paid, as yet, but little attention. We have loved ourselves and have sought to love those we like. But to love universally and because our neighbor is a soul as we are, with a nature essentially perfect and an infinite destiny, this has always been regarded as a beautiful dream to be consummated in a future so distant, and in a heaven so far away, that we may well forget it. Two thousand years have gone since the greatest expression of God’s love walked on earth and bade us love each other. Yet still we fight and hate and use our powers for selfish ends, our bodies and our appetites for material pleasures, and our efforts at living are, in the mass, primarily directed towards personal selfishness. Have you ever considered what the world would today be if man had listened to the Christ and had sought to obey His command? We should have eliminated much disease (for the diseases originating in the misuse of the sex function underlie a large percentage of our physical ills, and devastate our modern civilization), we should have made war impossible, we should have reduced crime to a minimum, and our modern life would be an exemplification of a manifesting divinity. But this has not been the case, and hence our modern world conditions.

But the new law must, and will, be enunciated. This law can be summed up in the words: Let a man so live that his life is harmless. Then no evil to the group can grow out of his thoughts, his actions or his words. This is not negative harmlessness, but of a difficult and positive activity. If the above practical paraphrase of the words of Christ were universally promulgated and practically applied, we should have order growing out of chaos, group love superseding personal selfishness, religious unity taking the place of fanatical intolerance, and regulated appetites instead of license.
Source: Esoteric Psychology I



Students need to remember that devotion to the Path or to the Master is not enough. The Great Ones are looking for intelligent cooperators and workers more than They are looking for devotion to Their Personalities, and a student who is walking independently in the light of his own soul is regarded by Them as a more dependable instrument than a devoted fanatic. The light of his soul will reveal to the earnest aspirant the unity underlying all groups, and enable him to eliminate the poison of intolerance which taints and hinders so many; it will cause him to recognize the spiritual fundamentals which guide the steps of humanity; it will force him to overlook the intolerance and the fanaticism and separativeness which characterize the small mind and the beginner upon the Path, and help him so to love them that they will begin to see more truly and enlarge their horizon; it will enable him to estimate truly the esoteric value of service and teach him above all to practice that harmlessness which is the outstanding quality of every son of God. A harmlessness that speaks no word that can damage another person, that thinks no thought which could poison or produce misunderstanding, and which does no action which could hurt the least of his brethren – this is the main virtue which will enable the esoteric student to tread with safety the difficult path of development. Where the emphasis is laid upon service to one’s fellowmen and the trend of the life force is outward to the world, then there is freedom from danger and the aspirant can safely meditate and aspire and work. His motive is pure, and he is seeking to decentralize his personality and shift the focus of his attention away from himself to the group. Thus the life of the soul can pour through him, and express itself as love to all beings. He knows himself to be a part of a whole and the life of that whole can flow through him consciously, leading him to a realization of brotherhood and of his oneness in relation to all manifested lives.
Source: The Externalization of the Hierarchy



Units of Service in all nations must be built up steadily. A number of such units already exists. Their objectives are as follows:

To educate the people in their nation in service, in kindly effort, and in non-aggressive action. A positive harmlessness will be inculcated, which in no way negates intense, intelligent activity, and the propagation of those ideals which lead to mutual understanding, and eventually to unity, peace and plenty.
Source: Esoteric Psychology II



The sixth ray influence served to attract men’s minds towards an ideal, such as that of individual sacrifice or service, and the mystical vision was the high water mark of the period; the numerous guiding mystics of the Occident and the Orient have appeared. The seventh ray influence will in time produce the magician, but in this age the magician will be predominantly in the class of white magic (not as in Atlantean days, when the predominance was on the side of selfish or black magic). The white magician works with the forces of nature and swings them back into control of advanced humanity. This can already be seen working out through the activity of the scientists which the latter end of the last century and this twentieth century have produced. That much of their magical work has been turned into selfish channels by the tendency of this materialistic age, and that many of their wise and true discoveries in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends which serve man’s hatred or love of self, is equally true. But this in no way militates against the wonder of their achievements. When the motive is transmuted from pure scientific interest to love of the divine revelation, and when service to the race is the determining force, then we shall see the true white magic. Hence, therefore, the need to turn the mystic into the occultist, and to train the modern aspirant in right motive, mind control and brotherly love, – all of which must and will express themselves through harmlessness. The most potent force in the world today is harmlessness. I speak not of non-resistance, but of that positive attitude of mind which thinks no evil. He who thinks no evil and harms naught is a citizen of God’s world.
Source: Esoteric Psychology I



Qualities required of the healer…
16. Power to practice at all times complete harmlessness“The method used by the Perfect One…is harmlessness.” This, we are told, involves a positive expression of poise, an inclusive point of view, and divine understanding. How many healers combine these three qualities and also work through love?
Source: Esoteric Healing



In the book Agni Yoga, some of the teaching to be given has filtered through but only from the angle of the will aspect. No book has as yet made its appearance which gives in any form whatsoever the “yoga of synthesis”. We have had “bhakti yoga” or union through devotion. Raja Yoga is now receiving emphasis, which is union through the mind. It sounds like a redundancy to speak of union through synthesis, but it is not so. It is union through identification with the whole – not union through realization or through vision. Mark well this distinction, for it holds the secret of the next step for the personalities of the race. The Bhagavad Gita gives us primarily the key to the yoga of devotion. Patanjali teaches us the yoga of the mind. In the Gospel story we have the portrayal of realization, but the key or the secret of identification is still withheld. It lies in the custody of a few in this integrating group of mystics and knowers and will be wrought out into manifestation in the furnace of their individual experience and thus given to the world. But the time is not yet. The group must growin strength and knowledge and in intuitive perception. 

You ask me: What keeps a man from becoming a member of such a group? I tell you with emphasis that four things only keep a man from affiliation.

  • First: an uncoordinated personality. This involves necessarily an untrained mind and a feeble intellect.
  • Second: a sense of separateness, of distinction, and of being set apart or different from one’s fellow men.
  • Third: the possession of a creed. No matter how good a formula of beliefs it may be, it inevitably produces exclusiveness. It bars some out.
  • Fourth: pride and ambition.

You ask again: How shall one qualify? The rules are simple, and are three in number. First, learn to practice harmlessness; then desire nothing for the separated self, and thirdly, look for the sign of divinity in all. Three simple rules, but very hard to accomplish.
Source: A Treatise on White Magic



Another question might here arise: Are there any specific and brief rules which should be obeyed? The following might be given, but I would remind you that it is what you are that counts in this work more powerfully than anything else. The controlling factor is harmlessness in thought and word; the practice of this, with proper observation, will greatly help all of you. Next comes a refusal to think unkindly or with criticism; this is essential in connection with those whose minds you seek to impress. Silence, complete and unbroken as to what you are doing, is also a vital factor; the utterance of words in connection with this most subtle and confidential work (or even discussion of the work with a fellow-disciple) can shatter the delicate thoughtform which you are attempting to build. It can render the work of weeks abortive. A balanced attitude in relation to those in power throughout the world must also be cultivated: they need above all else the inspiration which can be brought to them from the Hierarchy.
Source: Discipleship in the New Age I



It has been said that gossip is “spiritual murder”. Do I need to discuss cruel gossip, how lives have been wrecked by it? There is an unbroken law, if you gossip you will be gossiped about. We get what we give. If you give service you will get service; kindness, kindness; love, love. If humanity is mistreating you, search yourself and find out where you are at fault. An ancient scripture says, to him who is harmless all enmity ceases. I know that when I achieve harmlessness in thought, word and deed, then I will have no problems. The fact that we have problems presupposes our harmfulness.
Source: The Labors of Hercules



It would be of value if each student would link up every day at five o’clock by an act of the will with this rapidly integrating group of servers, mystics and brothers. To this end it might be wise to commit to memory the following brief dedication to be said silently at that hour with the attention focused in the head:

“May the Power of the one Life pour through the group of all true servers.

“May the Love of the One Soul characterize the lives of all who seek to aid the Great Ones.

“May I fulfil my part in the One work through self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech.”

Then carry the thought forward from the rapidly forming group of world-servers to the Great Ones who stand back of our world evolution.

This can be done in a few seconds of time wherever one may be and in whatever company, and will not only aid in the magical work of the forces of light, but will serve to stabilize the individual, to increase his group consciousness, and to teach him the process of carrying forward interior subjective activities in the face of and in spite of outer exoteric functioning.
Source: A Treatise on White Magic



In the presence of him who has perfected harmlessness, all enmity ceases.

This sutra demonstrates to us the working out of a great law. In Book IV. Sutra 17, Patanjali tells us that the perception of a characteristic, of a quality and of an objective form is dependent upon the fact that in the perceiver similar characteristics, qualities and objective capacity are to be found. This similarity is the basis of perception. The same truth is hinted at in the first Epistle of St. John where the words are found “We shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is.” Only that can be contacted which is already present or partially present in the perceiver’s consciousness. If enmity and hatred are therefore to be found by the perceiver, it is because in him the seeds of enmity and hatred are present. When they are absent naught but unity and harmony exists. This is the first stage of universal love, the practical endeavor on the part of the aspirant to be at one with all beings. He begins with himself and sees to it that the seeds of harmfulness in his own nature are eradicated. He deals, therefore, with the cause which produces enmity towards him and others. The natural result is that he is at peace and others are at peace with him. In his presence even wild beasts are rendered impotent and this by the condition of the mind-state of the aspirant or yogin.
Source: Light of the Soul – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali



In the ancient teachings of the East, the control of the breath was only permitted after the first three “means to union,” as they are called, had been somewhat wrought out in the life. These “means” are: First, the five commandments. These are, harmlessness, truth to all beings, abstention from theft, from incontinence, and from avarice. Second, the five rules, which are internal and external purification, contentment, fiery aspiration, spiritual reading, and devotion. Third, right poise. When a person is harmless in thought and word and deed, when he is unselfish and knows the meaning of poise – emotional as well as physical posture – then indeed he may practice breathing exercises, under proper instruction, and practice them with security. Even then he will only succeed in unifying the vital energies of the body, and in becoming a conscious psychic, but this may have its place and purpose, if he classes himself as a research experimenter.
Source: From Intellect to Intuition



I tell you also assuredly that – for you – the cultivation of harmlessness is the guarantee of a constructive outcome to your crisis this coming spring. In my last instruction I urged you to eliminate self-pity and this would then produce a harmless handling of the personality. The elimination of criticism will render you harmless where others are concerned and the refusal to be suspicious will dispel your particular glamour, which amounts almost to hallucination. So you see, my brother, that I am only re-emphasizing my earlier teaching to you. Of its value, I know you are assured and in voicing the expression of your need, I am only voicing your own deepest wish.
Source: Discipleship in the New Age I



A spirit of criticism. This induces more states of glamour than any other one factor; and here, who shall say he is immune? When harmlessness and kindness in thought and word are practiced and automatically become a part of a disciple’s daily life expression, then glamour will end. My brother, this one factor lets in more glamour into a disciple’s life and into your life than you can realize. Consequently, you frequently fail to see people as they really are, for you see them through the illusion induced by criticism of them. That which is voiced in words becomes a thoughtform, attached to its invoking agent and then the person is never seen except through the veil of this glamour. Consequently again, the weaknesses which are looked for are found and the real self is hidden from your eyes. You can check the accuracy of the above statement in a couple of days by a careful noting of the theme of all your conversations in the circle of your daily life. Are you discussing reality or a temporary failure in a divine expression? Is your reaction to people in general kindly or critical? Are you prone to see the good and ignore the weaknesses and errors? Is there an immediate interest evoked in you by the relation of some wrong action or mistake, or do you lock up your knowledge of peoples’ faults in the secret of your heart, loving your brother more because of his frailty and refusing to pass comment or to criticize him even to yourself? I commend these questions to you and to all in my group of disciples. Right here for you – as for so many – lies the usual point of entry for glamour and until this opening is sealed, you will not be free from personal glamour.
Source: Discipleship in the New Age I



All good things come to those who live harmlessly, who are kind and considerate as well. But harmlessness is the key and I leave you to find out for yourselves how difficult it is to be harmless in word and deed and thought.
Source: The Unfinished Autobiography



Discipleship is a synthesis of hard work, intellectual unfoldment, steady aspiration and spiritual orientation, plus the unusual qualities of positive harmlessness and the opened eye which sees at will into the world of reality.
Source:A Treatise on White Magic



Your main difficulty and the main hindrance to your usefulness lies in the over-activity of your mind; this does not make you especially critical of other people but it does keep you yourself in a constant state of questioning and of bewilderment about the fundamentals by which humanity lives. A questioning of the unanswerable is a waste of time, my brother. The attempt to define the undefinable and to measure the mind of immensity is futile. Work, therefore, at the production of that inner mechanism of contact which exists as yet only in embryo within your personal ring-pass-not. Remember that only through right meditation, useful thinking, and the practice of harmlessness can this mechanism be duly developed. When developed, the futility of your questioning will be seen, for you will know the truth and the truth shall make you free. Think with simplicity.
Source: Discipleship in the New Age I



It can be seen […] why I have so emphatically impressed the need of harmlessnessupon all of you, for it is the scientific method, par excellence and esoterically speaking, of cleaning house and of purifying the centers. Its practice clears the clogged channels and permits the entrance of the higher energies.
Source: Esoteric Healing



All that you can gain from the above, my brother, is a concept of agelong conflict, of seven great energies which manifest as dualities and which produce when anchored within one body (whether that of a planet, a man or an atom) an area or cycle of distress, as it is called; this distress produces the evolutionary urge and is itself the cause of manifestation, whilst its effect (which is karma) is the liberation ultimately of the perfect and the good. These things are not easy to comprehend. It must be remembered that the seven imperfections are related to the sevenfold nature of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being, and that these seven imperfect energies hold within themselves the perfect will-to-good, more potent in the long run than the will-to-harm.

These energies pour through the seven centers of the planetary body and are – as far as we are concerned – the seven ray energies. In relation to the will-to-harm which can and does demonstrate as disease in all the four kingdoms in nature, you have the reason why I instituted, among the esoteric students for whom I have made myself responsible, the development of harmlessness. It is the major agent for the offsetting of karma.
Source: Esoteric Healing



There is above everything else, the handling of the energy which is now streaming forth – the energy of Love in its dynamic or electric form. It isthe Will aspect of Love which the Christ will of necessity use this time when he comes; when he earlier came he employed the teaching aspect of the second ray and not the Will aspect. First ray disciples are peculiarly susceptible to the Will aspect of Love, and for these reactions you must watch and endeavour always to lay your emphasis not upon the Will – of this latter quality you have (for this incarnation) an adequate and full supply. Let your fellow workers catch from you the radiance of Love. That, my brother, will release the financial supply so sorely needed; it will be the harmlessnesswhich you and your fellow servers can demonstrate which will prove the needed agent. Proceed as usual, my tried and trusted brother.
Source: Discipleship in the New Age II



The Great Invocation, rightly used by the many hundred thousand people who have already attempted to use it, could reorient the consciousness of humanity, stabilize men in spiritual being, disrupt and rebuild the planetary thought-form which men have created in the past and which has had (and is having) such disastrous and cataclysmic results, and open the door into the New Age, thus ushering in the new and better civilization. This could be done so rapidly, that the needed changes would come about almost overnight; the present reign of horror would end and the race of men could settle down to a life of group goodwill, individual harmlessness and right human relations.
Source: The Externalization of the Hierarchy



I challenge you also to make sacrifices; to give yourself and your time and your money and your interest to carry these ideas to those around you in your own environment and to the group in which you find yourself, thus awakening your associates. I call you to a united effort to inculcate anew the ideas of brotherhood and of unity. I ask you to recognize your fellow workers in all the groups and to strengthen their hands. I ask you to seal your lips to words of hatred and of criticism, and to talk in terms of brotherhood and of group relationships. I beg of you to see to it that every day is for you a new day, in which you face new opportunity. Lose sight of your own affairs, your petty sorrows, worries and suspicions, in the urgency of the task to be done, and spread the cult of unity, of love and of harmlessness.
Source: Esoteric Psychology I



If we could assume that attitude towards each other, the spirit of harmlessness, control of thought and restraint of speech would emerge in the world and we would escape from our world problems. The world will never be put right by fighting, but by right thought, and it will be a soul process.
Source: The Labors of Hercules



Between the exploited and the exploiting, the warlike and the pacifist, the masses and the rulers, this group will stand, taking no sides, demonstrating no partisan spirit, fomenting no political or religious disturbance, and feeding no hatreds, either of individuals, nations or races. They will stand as the interpreters of right human relations, for the basic oneness of humanity, for practical brotherhood, for positive harmlessness in speech and writing, and for that inner synthesis of objectives which recognizes the value of the individual and at the same time the significance of group work.
Source: Esoteric Psychology II



Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good is harmlessness. This is not negativity but perfect poise, a completed point of view and divine understanding.
Source: Esoteric Healing



Right use of thought, restraint of speech, and consequent harmlessness on the physical plane, result in liberation; for we are held in the human unit, we are imprisoned to the planet not by some outside force that holds us there, but by what we ourselves have said and done. The moment we no longer set up wrong relations with people by the things we say that should not have been said, the moment we stop thinking things about people that we should not think, little by little those ties that hold us to planetary existence are severed, we are freed and we climb the mountain like the goat in Capricorn.
Source: The Labors of Hercules


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